Le Monde des Utilisateurs de L'Analyse de Données

Numéro 36


On Reservoir Sampling with Deletions. Rainer GEMULLA, Wolfgang LEHNER, Peter J. HAAS.
La revue MODULAD, numéro 36, Juillet 2007

Perhaps the most flexible synopsis of a database is a random sample of the data; such samples are widely used to speed up processing of analytic queries and data-mining tasks, enhance query optimization, and facilitate information integration. In this paper, we describe a recently proposed method for incrementally maintaining a uniform random sample of the items in a dataset in the presence of an arbitrary sequence of insertions and deletions.
Our scheme, called “random pairing” (RP), maintains a bounded-size uniform sample by using newly inserted data items to compensate for previous deletions. The RP algorithm is the first extension of the almost 40-year-old reservoir sampling algorithm to handle deletions; RP reduces to the “passive” algorithm in [1] when the insertions and deletions correspond to a moving window over a data stream. We also prove that it is not possible to “resize” a bounded-size random sample upwards without accessing the base data.

Keywords: Reservoir sampling, Sample maintenance, Synopsis.

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