Le Monde des Utilisateurs de L'Analyse de Données

Numéro 36


Processing data stream by relational analysis. Ilhème GHALAMALLAH,
Aziz GRIMEH and Bernard DOUSSET
La revue MODULAD, numéro 36, Juillet 2007

In the business intelligence (BI) context, the majority of the strategic information comes from relational sources and the relevance of extracted knowledge usually depends on considering data evolution and their interactions. The multidimensional approach (nD) may bring forth a solution to identify and understand the underlying structures or strategies. But non-expert users get easily lost.
Knowing that our team is experienced in knowledge extraction, we have already a platform called Tetralogie that is specialized for strategic scanning and another tool called Xplor which is dedicated to business intelligence. As a consequence, we provide a unified system to generate and manage relational data and extract implicit knowledge, whose content and format are adapted to decision-makers that are not experts in nD or BI.

Keywords: Knowledge extraction, business intelligence, relational analysis, evolution.

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