Models of cancer and its therapeutic control: From molecules to the organism
CEA-EDF-INRIA school (March 11-14, 2008, INRIA, Rocquencourt, France)
All lectures will be given in English
This school is also supported by the scientific networks
MITACS of Canada, M3CSTGT of the European Union and the GDR MABEM of CNRS

Scientific organisers: Jean Clairambault and Dirk Drasdo (INRIA)
    Programme of lectures:

    1. The cell division cycle and its control: individual cells and proliferating cell populations

    2. Tissue proliferation and invasion: from individual-based to continuum models

    3. Molecular and genetic approaches: evolutionary dynamics, systems biology, robustness and implications for cancer

    4. Therapeutic optimisation problems in oncology: side effects, resistance, synergies

    + Complementary technical lectures, focus on:
    Flow cytometry / Cell and tissue image processing / DNA microarray analysis / Cancer databank design
    List of lecturers:

    Andrea Ciliberto (Milan); Franck Delaunay (Nice); David Dingli (Rochester); Charles Dumontet (Lyon); Albert Goldbeter (Bruxelles); Sriram Krishnamachari (Rocquencourt); Francis Lévi (Villejuif); Markus Löffler (Leipzig); Stephan Luckhaus (Leipzig); Michael Mackey (Montréal); Benoît Perthame (Paris); Luigi Preziosi (Turin); Olivier Saut (Bordeaux); Bertrand Tavitian (Saclay); Stephen Randall Thomas (Evry); Paolo Ubezio (Milan).

    General comments:

    It is a 4-day course intended for PhD candidates, postdocs, company engineers and scientists. Note that is not a workshop, but a school, even though fruitful discussions are expected between attendants and lecturers. Attendants will be provided with lecture notes delivered by all lecturers.

    See the administrative INRIA official webpage for this course for possible accommodation in the Versailles region. Other accommodation possibilities exist, including in nearby Paris, e.g., close to a stop of the daily bus shuttle from Paris to INRIA (please contact the organisers to discover more). There are no accommodation facilities in the INRIA research unit in Rocquencourt itself, but there exists an administrative restaurant which will be open freely to all attendants for lunches.

    Financial support from active EU networks (Biosim, M3CSTGT,...) or other institutions (e.g. GDR MABEM of CNRS for France) may be solicited by attendants to obtain travel and accommodation facilities with refunding of produced bills for accommodation, evening meals, and train or economy class flight tickets (to be ordered reasonably in advance, and arranged with the involved networks or institutions). Contact the organisers for details.

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