WCC 2001: List of accepted papers (56 among 92)

1 - Higher Weights and Binary Self-Dual Codes
Steven T. Dougherty and T. Aaron Gulliver

2 - Dependent rational points on curves over finite fields - Lefschetz theorems and exponential sums
Johan P. Hansen

3 - Binary Images of Cyclic codes over Z4
Jacques Wolfmann

5 - Decoding a class of alternant codes for the Lee metric
Eimear Byrne

6 - On Some Uniformity of Distribution Properties of ESIGN
Edwin El Mahassni and Igor Shparlinski

7 - On the Optimality of Finite Constellations from Algebraic Lattices
J. Carmelo Interlando, Michele Elia and Trajano Pires da Nobrega Neto

8 - On Equidistant Constant Weight Codes
Fang-Wei Fu, Torleiv Kloeve, Yuan Luo, Victor K. Wei

10 - On the metrical rigidity of binary codes
S.V. Avgustinovich and F.I. Soloveva

11 - Goppa-like bounds for the generalized Feng-Rao distances
J. I. Farran and C. Munuera

12 - Weil Descent Of Jacobians
Steven D. Galbraith

14 - New Families of Ideal 2-level Autocorrelation Ternary Sequences From Second Order DHT
Michael Ludkovski and Guang Gong

15 - (2^m-1, w, 2) Optical Orthogonal Codes with w = 11 and 13
Cunsheng Ding and Chaoping Xing

19 - Superimposed Codes in $R^n$ Obtained from Spherical Codes
Danyo Danev

21 - Linear Broadcast Encryption Schemes
C. Padro, I. Gracia, S. Martin and P. Morillo

22 - On the Minimum Weights of Type IV codes over Z_4 with Certain Lengths
Stefka Bouyuklieva

24 - An analysis of the 3gpp-MAC scheme
L.R. Knudsen and C.J. Mitchell

25 - A lattice-based McEliece scheme for encryption and signature
C. Charnes, B. Martin, P. Solé

26 - Intersecting codes and partially identifying codes
G. Cohen, S. Encheva, S. Litsyn

27 - New Decoding Error Probability Bounds for Fixed Convolutional Codes used in BSC
Dmitri V. Truhachev, Karin Engdahl and Kamil Sh. Zigangirov

30 - Interpolation of the discrete logarithm by Boolean functions
Tanja Lange and Arne Winterhof

32 - The Structure of Linear Codes of Constant Weight
Jay A. Wood

35 - A Griesmer Bound for Codes over Finite Quasi-Frobenius Rings
Keisuke Shiromoto and Leo Storme

38 - Highly Nonlinear Balanced Boolean Functions with very good Autocorrelation Property
Subhamoy Maitra

40 - The average dimension of the hull of cyclic codes
Gintaras Skersys

41 - On Weight Hierarchies of Product Codes. The Wei-Yang Conjecture and more.
Conchita Martínez-Pérez, Hans Georg Schaathun, and Wolfgang Willems

43 - Defining sets of cyclic codes invariant under the affine group.
Kanat Abdukhalikov

44 - Modified GPT PKC with Right Scrambler
E. M. Gabidulin and A. V. Ourivski

45 - Decomposing Quasi-Cyclic Codes
San Ling and Patrick Solé

46 - Polynomial invariants for binary linear codes
Johannes Maks and Juriaan Simonis

47 - Codes for Strong Identification
Iiro Honkala, Tero Laihonen and Sanna Ranto

49 - Multicovering Bounds from Linear Inequalities
Andrew Klapper

51 - Estimates of the distance distribution of codes and designs
A. Ashikhmin, A. Barg, S. Litsyn

52 - A Generalization of Negacyclic Codes
H. Tapia-Recillas and G. Vega

54 - Cyclic Codes over Z_4 of Oddly Even Length
Tom Blackford

59 - Symbol-by-symbol Decoding as an Approximation of Word-by-word Decoding
Gérard Battail

61 - Linear and Differential Cryptanalysis of Russian GOST
V. V. Shorin, V. V. Jelezniakov and E. M. Gabidulin

63 - On Quadratic Double Circulant Codes
Philippe Gaborit

64 - Generalised Rudin-Shapiro Constructions
Matthew G. Parker, C. Tellambura

65 - Linear Recursive MDS-Codes and Asturian Codes
Elena Couselo, Santos Gonzalez, Victor Markov, Alexandr Nechaev

66 - Quantum Identification Protocol with Technologically Bounded Parties.
Anderson C. A. Nascimento, Joern Mueller-Quade and Hideki Imai

67 - On extremal additive F4 codes of length 10 to 18
Christine Bachoc, Philippe Gaborit

69 - On the Non-Minimal codewords of weight $2d_{min}$ in the binary Reed-Muller Code
Yuri Borissov, Nickolay Manev, Svetla Nikova

70 - Cyclic Codes of Length 2^e over Z4
T. Abualrub, and R. Oehmke

74 - Bounding minimum distances of cyclic codes using algebraic geometry
Nigel Boston

76 - The number of inequivalent irreducible Goppa codes
John A. Ryan and Patrick Fitzpatrick

78 - Performance limits of compound codes with symbol-based iterative decoding
Sawaya, Vialle, Boutros and Zemor

80 - Z4-linear Hadamard and extended perfect codes
Krotov D. S.

83 - Perfect Codes and Balanced Generalized Weighing Matrices, II
Dieter Jungnickel and Vladimir D. Tonchev

84 - Strong Groebner bases and cyclic codes over a finite-chain ring
Graham H. Norton and Ana Salagean

86 - A hypergraph approach to the identifying parent property: the case of multiple parents
A. Barg, G. Cohen, S. Encheva, G. Kabatiansky, G. Zemor

87 - A Ramp Model for Distributed Key Distribution Schemes
Carlo Blundo, Paolo D'Arco, and Carles Padro

92 - Generation of Key Predistribution Schemes using Secret Sharing Schemes
Germán Sáez

94 - Reliability-Based Soft-Decision Decoding with Iterative Information Set Reduction
Marc Fossorier

96 - Efficient 2-Stage Group Testing
Toby Berger and Vladimir Levenshtein

100 - New Constructions of Resilient and Correlation Immune Boolean Functions achieving Upper Bounds on Nonlinearity
Enes Pasalic, Thomas Johansson, Subhamoy Maitra and Palash Sarkar

101 - LDPC codes: a group algebra formulation
Elke Offer and Emina Soljanin

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