WCC 2003: List of accepted papers (51 among 106)

3 - On the generalized Hamming weights of Hyperelliptic codes
Domingo Ramirez-Alzola

10 - Fast Generation of Elliptic Curves with Prime Order over F_{p^{2^c}}
Yasuyuki NOGAMI, Yoshitaka MORIKAWA

11 - Trace representation and linear complexity of binary $e$-th residue sequences
Zongdui Dai, Guang Gong, and Hong-Yeop Song

14 - Cryptanalysis of a Provable Secure Additive and Multiplicative Privacy Homomorphism
Feng Bao

15 - Some subsets of points in the plane associated to truncated Reed-Muller codes with good parameters
Ronan Quarez

17 - Homomorphic public-key cryptosystems and encrypting boolean circuits
Dima Grigoriev, Ilia Ponomarenko

20 - On Nonadaptive Search of Mutually Obscuring Defectives
Arkadii G. D'yachkov

21 - Secret sharing schemes on sparse homogeneous access structures with rank three
Jaume Martí-Farré and Carles Padró

22 - Self-dual extended group codes
C. Martinez-Peres and W. Willems

23 - Polynomial Interpolation of Cryptographic Functions Related to the Diffie-Hellman Problem
Eike Kiltz and Arne Winterhof

25 - Kernels of q-ary 1-perfect codes
Kevin T. Phelps, Josep Rifa, Merce Villanueva

26 - Negacyclic Codes of Even Length over $Z4$
Taher Abualrub & Marwan Abukhaled

30 - An Explicit Construction of a Class of Good Codes and Their Duals
San Ling, Ferruh Ozbudak, Chaoping Xing

31 - Recovering a parent code for subcodes of maximal rank distance codes
Alexei Ourivski

33 - On identification of sets of vertices in the triangular grid
Iiro Honkala and Tero Laihonen

34 - Unconditionally Secure Hierarchical Key Assignment Schemes
Alfredo De Santis, Anna Lisa Ferrara, and Barbara Masucci

36 - Geometrical cryptography
Laszlo Csirmaz and G.O.H. Katon

37 - A Maiorana-McFarland type Construction for Resilient Boolean Functions on $n$ variables ($n$ Even) with Nonlinearity $> 2^{n-1} - 2^{\frac{n}{2}} + 2^{\frac{n}{2}-2}$
Enes Pasalic and Subhamoy Maitra

39 - Entity Authentication Schemes Using Braid Word Reduction
Patrick Dehornoy, Marc Girault, Herve Sibert

41 - List Signature Schemes and Application to Electronic Voting
Sébastien Canard and Jacques Traoré

43 - On Cheating Immune Secret Sharing
Paolo D'Arco, Wataru Kishimoto, and Douglas Stinson

44 - Restrictions on Two-Weight Projective Linear Codes
Jay A. Wood

46 - Two-dimensional array codes correcting 2 x 2 clusters of errors
I.M. Boyarinov

47 - Wrap Error Attack Against NTRUEncrypt
Tommi Meskanen and Ari Renvall

49 - Applying General Access Structure to Metering Schemes
V. Nikov, S. Nikova, B. Preneel, J.Vandewalle

53 - Weak Collision Resistance for Variable Input Length Can Imply Collision Resistance for Fixed Input Length
Shoichi Hirose and Susumu Yoshida

54 - A coding theory bound and zero-sum square matrices
Noga Alon, Simon Litsyn, and Raphael Yuster

55 - Bounds on the error correction capacity of codes beyond half the minimum distance
T. Helleseth, T. Klove, V. Levenshtein

58 - On the number of irreducible Goppa codes
John A. Ryan and Patrick Fitzpatrick

60 - Results on linear codes meeting the Griesmer bound from results on $t$-fold $(N-K)$-blocking sets in $PG(N,q)$
L. Storme

62 - Weighted $\{\delta (p^3+1), \delta;3, p^{3}\}$-minihypers and related linear codes meeting the Griesmer bound
S. Ferret and L. Storme

63 - Transposed rank codes based on symmetric matrices
Ernst M. Gabidulin, Nina I. Pilipchuk

64 - On the nonlinearity of boolean functions
Francois Rodier

65 - Affinity of Permutations of ${\Bbb F}_2^n$
Xiang-dong Hou

70 - Codes and designs in Grassmannian spaces
Christine Bachoc

72 - On the Complexity of Suboptimal Decoding for List and Decision Feedback Schemes
J. Freudenberger and V. Zyablov

74 - A case when three weights in a cyclic code is impossible
Gary McGuire

79 - Fine-Grained Forward-Secure Signature Schemes without Random Oracles
Jan Camenisch and Maciej Koprowski

83 - Distance distribution of binary codes and the error probability of decoding
Alexander Barg and Andrew McGregor

85 - A Randomized Efficient Algorithm for DPA Secure Implementation of Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems
S. Agagliate, P. Guillot, O. Orcière

93 - Tilings of closed surfaces by Steiner triple systems
Faina Soloveva

94 - Repeated-root cyclic and negacyclic codes over a finite chain ring
Ana Salagean

96 - An Algorithm for Checking Normality of Boolean Functions
Magnus Daum, Hans Dobbertin, Gregor Leander

97 - Normal and Non-Normal Bent Functions
Anne Canteaut, Magnus Daum, Hans Dobbertin, Gregor Leander

98 - An efficient semantically secure elliptic curve cryptosystem based on KMOV
David Galindo, Sebastià Martin, Paz Morillo and Jorge L. Villar

99 - On-line / off-line RSA-like
Marc Girault and Jean-Claude Pailles

100 - Provably secure non-interactive key distribution based on pairings
Regis Dupont and Andreas Enge

102 - The Berlekamp-Massey Algorithm and Combinatorics
Ulrich Tamm

105 - Designs and self-dual codes with long shadows
C. Bachoc and P. Gaborit

108 - The generalized Preparata codes over $GF(2^l)$
Kuzmin A.S., Markov V.T., Nechaev A.A. and Neljubin A. S.

110 - Partial Reconstruction of perfect binary codes
A. Yu. Vasil'eva

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