Code-based crypto

    This website is dedicated to code based crypto.

The code based crypto plays a distinct role in Public Key Cryptosystems. It has a firm, well developed mathematical back ground. The systems supposed to resist the threat, that will be posed by quantum computers.

Research goals

  • Implementation : Implementation of new and existing systems provide real life scenario to many algorithmic and practical aspects. A state of the art system implementation helps to even benchmark. There are plenty of research to be done in this direction. With the promise of quantum computer in the horizon, the implementation of different systems are ever more important.
  • Theory : Stream ciphers, code based cryptography, hash functions, cryptanalysis, decoding algorithms each of our area of interest, has to be studied extensively to understand, innovate or design. Theory is always the background.
  • Test results : We try to provide our simulation results along with theoretical results. This provides the platform to compare, test and finding the short-comings. They are often very much motivating too.

News updates

  • 13 Nov, '08 : FSB hash algorithm is now included.
  • 03 Nov, '08 : The website interface changed.
  • 18 Oct, '08 : "McEliece cryptosystem implementation: theory and practice", presented at PQCrypto '08.
  • 12 Sept, '08 : The Hybrid McEliece Encryption Scheme (HyMES) (V. beta) source code published.
  • July, '08 : Our McEliece Encryption Scheme implementation is benchmarked at EBATS.