Macroprogramming is an application development technique for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) where the developer specifies the behavior of the system, as opposed to that of the constituent nodes.

As part of our research, we are working on Srijan, a toolkit that enables application development for WSNs in a graphical manner using data-driven macroprogramming.


Srijan can be used in various stages of application development, viz.

  • Specification of application as a task graph,
  • Customization of the autogenerated source files with domain-specific imperative code,
  • Specification of the target system structure,
  • Compilation of the macroprogram into individual customized runtimes for each constituent node of
    the target system, and finally
  • Deployment of the auto generated node-level code in an over-the-air manner to the nodes in the target system.

The current implementation of Srijan targets both the Sun SPOT sensor nodes and larger nodes with J2SE.



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