In order to validate our research results, our research activities encompass the development of related prototypes.

Software prototypes that are released under open source license are available from the following links:

Semantic service-oriented middleware for pervasive computing:
  • iCOCOA: A semantic service-oriented middleware for pervasive computing
  • WSAMI: A service-oriented middleware for ambient intelligence
Service-oriented middleware for pervasive networks:
  • ubiSOAP: A service-oriented middleware for ubiquitous networks
  • INMIDIO: An interoperable middleware for heterogeneous service discovery and access
  • MUSDAC: A middleware for multi-network, multi-protocol service discovery and access
  • Ariadne: A scalable dynamic Web service discovery protocol for MANET
Next generation service bus for the Future Internet:
  • XSB: A development and runtime environment dedicated to complex distributed applications
Middleware for the Internet of Things:
  • Srijan: Data-driven macroprogramming for heterogeneous sensor networks
  • LSB: The CHOReOS access solution for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Things Discovery: Provides a mechanism for discovering Thing-based services.
Middleware for mobile federated social networks:
  • Yarta: Mobile Social Middleware.