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I am a Research Associate in the Department of Computing at the Open University. Currently, I am investigating the area of adaptive security and privacy. The goal is to exploit the digital devices available in the environment in order to  meet security requirements in the face of change.

I completed my PhD in July 2013 under the supervision of Valérie Issarny at Inria. My thesis is entitled “Dynamic Synthesis of Connectors in Pervasive Environments” and it takes part in the Connect Project. During my PhD, I defined an approach and provided a tool for achieving interoperability in software systems on the fly in an automated manner.
The goal was to make it possible for a computer to answer, autonomously, questions like:
- How can I chat with my friend on Yahoo! using my enterprise messaging service?
- How can I open my Google Docs files using the Finder application on my Mac?
- How can a company use the same application to order products from different providers?
- How can the command and control centre of one country effectively use the resources offered by another country in emergency situations?

Before starting my PhD, I was a junior engineer at ARLES Team and worked on the iBICOOP middleware. I also received my Magistère degree in 2009 at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique (ex INI); the report was entitled “Towards a Peer-to-Peer System based on Distributed Compact Trie Hashing”. It was the continuation of my engineering degree subject “Integration of a Mobile Client to CTH*”, received in 2006 at ESI. My Supervisor was Prof. Djamel-Eddine Zegour