The Ariadne protocol supports dynamic Web service discovery within a MANET (Mobile Ad hoc NETwork). It is based on a set of cooperating directories that are dynamically and homogeneously deployed in the multi-hop ad hoc network. These directories represent a backbone of devices collaborating which each other to perform dynamically Web service discovery in the multi-hop ad hoc network. Refer to the paper Scalable Service Discovery for MANET for a complete description of the protocol.

The Ariadne prototype is a Java-based implementation that is built upon IEEE 802.11b as the underlying WLAN and can operate over one hop or multi-hop ad hoc network. This prototype is based on Web service-related technologies such as WSDL for Web service Description and SOAP for service invocation.


Supporting Grant

  • IST UBISEC -- Ubiquitous Networks with Secure Provision of Services, Access and Content Delivery

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The ARIADNE protocol is an open-source software freely distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser Public License (LGPL).

  • Version 1 (1.8M, MD5: 54f962ed328f0290b388d130aede77ab)
  • User Guide, including installation instructions (PDF)