Contributed Session: CP18

Spatial Statistics

                                                                            14h-16h     Tuesday, August 24

                                                            Chairperson :    John Molitor     Room :  Robert Faure

63 (slides)   
Application of a Bayesian Approach for Analysing Disease Mapping Data: Modelling Spatially Correlated Small Area Counts   
Mohammadreza Mohebbi, Rory Wolfe

A Mann-Whitney Spatial Scan Statistic for Continuous Data   
Lionel Cucala

Detection of Spatial Cluster for Suicide Data using Echelon Analysis   
Fumio Ishioka, Makoto Tomita, Toshiharu Fujita


A Comparison between Two Computing Methods for an Empirical Variogram in Geostatistical Data   
Takafumi Kubota, Tomoyuki Tarumi