Geophysical flows and hyperbolic systems

The ANGE research team is composed of scientists from INRIA, Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory (LJLL) of the Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris 6) University and CETMEF .


  • Models and numerical methods,
  • Hyperbolic systems,
  • Finite volume methods.


We are involved in research concerning the numerical simulation of free surface geophysical flows such as rivers, lakes, coastal areas. Many applications related to environmental problems are concerned :
  • Floodings,
  • Dam breaks,
  • Overland flows on cultivated lands
  • Stratified flows

But we will also deal with energy problems such that the modeling and optimisation of algae production for biofuels or the design of innovative harbours able to collect marine energy from the waves.

See also the BANG project INRIA official presentation page.