Advanced Data Assimilation Methods for Seas


ADAMS is an INRIA associated team.

The improvement of ocean circulation forecasts is a major issue for the modeling of the climate changes. The associated team ADAMS proposes to study "advanced" methods of data assimilation, able to take into account "high-level data" in order to improve ocean forecasts. Under the term of "advanced", we indicate methods of assimilation allowing the control of the simulation model error and a systematic quantification of uncertainties on produced forecasts. The term "high-level data" indicates that we take into account data with no direct link to the model state variables. Actually, we are interested in Lagrangian and image observations.

To implement these theoretical approaches, the Black Sea is an ideal field of experimentation: it is a closed sea, with a modest size, the circulation presents interesting structures, and it is well observed by many instruments.

The Black Sea

Big storm on the Black Sea in November 2007 (image provided by MHI - Sevastopol).

Last update: 28.10.2013