Advanced Data Assimilation Methods for Seas

Scientific objectives

The enhancement of ocean circulation forecasts is a major issue for the modelling of climatic changes. The ADAMS associated team is studying "advanced" data assimilation methods able to take into account "high level data" in order to enhance ocean circulation forecast. We are mainly interested by Lagrangian observations (see figure 1) and image sequences (see figure 2).

Fig. 1:Buoys trajectories on the Black Sea between 2001 and 2006.

Fig. 2: Sequence of Sea Surface Temperature images.

Illustrations provided with courtesy of MHI

MHI Marine Portal

The Marine Hydrophysical Institute of Sevastopol and the National Space Agency of Ukraine provide a website for an easy acces to operational monitoring data of the Black Sea.

The address of this portal is : http://dvs.net.ua/mp/.

Last update: 28.10.2013