How to go to INRIA

In the following we explain how to go to INRIA from Paris, Versailles and airports.

Note that INRIA is not too far from Versailles but that one has to use transportation to go there from Versailles.

For those who lodge in Versailles special shuttles are organized to go from the hotels in Versailles to INRIA.

For those who lodge in Paris, the best way is to use public transportation,
but it is also possible to go directly to INRIA from Paris by car (see below).

Quick arrival: from airports to Versailles and hotels

Check the location of the conference hotels in Versailles on the map below.Most hotels are located at walking distance to the railway station "Versailles Rive Gauche".

From airports to Paris

From Paris to Versailles

For further details and time schedules please use the RATP route finder.

From Versailles to INRIA

From Paris to INRIA by car

Versailles map ( PDF version)

Versailles map

Last modification on March 17, 2003.