WCC 99

Workshop on Coding and Cryptography

January 11-14, 1999, PARIS (France)


2 - Higher order covering radii
P. Solé

3 - A construction of systematic authentication codes based on error-correcting codes
S.-bo Xu and H. van Tilborg

4 - A new practical algorithm for the construction of a perfect hash function
M. Atici, D. R. Stinson and R. Wei

5 - Perfect codes and balanced generalized weighing matrices
D. Jungnickel and V. Tonchev

6 - Finite fields : primitive normal bases with prescribed trace
D. Hachenberger

7 - Bounds on the bilinear complexity of multiplication in any extension of Fq
S. Ballet

8 - Strengthening the Gilbert-Varshamov bound
A. Barg, S. Guritman and J. Simonis

10 - Authentication frauds from the point of view of rate-distortion theory
A. Sgarro

15 - Negacyclic codes over Z4
J. Wolfmann

16 - Coset weight distribution of some classes of Reed-Muller codes
M. Ozeki

17 - Algebraic construction of good collision resistant signal sets
M. Geferath and E. Viterbo

19 - Convolutional-like codes over discrete valuation rings and an application to 2-adic codes
N. Lagorce

20 - Multiplicative characters and design of sequences with good autocorrelation
C. Boursier

22 - Permutation groups of extended cyclic codes over Galois rings
T. Blackford

23 - Cheating in split-knowledge RSA parameter generation
M. Joye and R. Pinch

26 - Permutation soft decision decoding of some expanded Reed-Solomon codes
J. Lacan and E. Delpeyroux

27 - Construction and classification of quasicyclic codes
K. Lally and P. Fitzpatrick

28 - Verifiable self-certified public keys
S. Kim, S. Oh, S. Park and D. Won

29 - On the complexity of calculating the minimum norm of a binary code
I. Honkala and A. Lobstein

30 - Recursive MDS-codes
E. Couselo, S. Gonzalez, V. Markov and A. Nechaev

32 - On bounding the probability of decoding error with the minimum distance
J.-P. Tillich and G. Zemor

34 - Arithmetic coding and data integrity
X. Liu, P. G. Farrell and C. Boyd

35 - Cyclic and affine invariant codes
K. S. Abdukhalikov

37 - Bounds on the sizes of ternary weight-constrained codes
M. Svanstrom

38 - On Harmonic weight enumerators of binary codes
C. Bachoc

40,41 - Construction of low-density parity-check convolutional codes - Iterative decoding of low-density parity check convolutional codes
K. Engdahl and K. S. Zigangirov

42 - Structure of components of perfect binary codes
F. I. Soloveva

43 - On the relation of error correction and cryptography to an affline biometric based identification scheme
G.I. Davida and B.J. Matt and R. Peralta and Y. Frankel

44 - Extremal polynomials of degree t + 2 and t + 3
S. Nikova and V. Nikov

45 - Codes of constant Lee weight
J. A. Wood

46 - Permutation groups of error-correcting codes
N. Sendrier and G. Skersys

47 - Iterative multistage maximum likelihood decoding of multi-level concatenated codes
D. Stojanovic, M.P.C. Fossorier and S. Lin

49 - On the quaternary [18,9,8] code
J. Olsson

52 - Lattices, codes and Radon transform
M. Boguslavsky

53 - A Gallager-Tanner construction based on convolutional codes
S. Vialle and J. Boutros

55 - Bit-level soft-decision sequential decoding for Reed Solomon codes
M. OH and P. Sweeney

57 - Recognition of a binary linear code as a vector-subspace
A. Valembois

59 - On the covering radius of Z4-codes and their lattices
T. Aoki, P. Gaborit, M. Harada, M. Ozeki and P. Solé

62 - Preuve efficace et équitable d'inégalité de secrets

63 - Complete weight enumerators of generalized Kerdock code and linear recursive codes over Galois ring
A. Kuzmin and A. Nechaev

64 - On the capacity of distance enhancing constraints for high density magentic recording channels
E. Soljanin and A.J. van Wijngaarden

65 - Decoding convolutional codes using a multiprocessor Bidirectional Creeper Algorithm
V. Imtawil and D.J. Tait

66 - Code constructions for block coded modulation systems with interblock memory
C.-N. Peng, H. Chen, J.T. Coffey and R.G.C. Williams

69 - New algorithm to identify rate k/n catastrophic punctured convolutional encoders
C.O'Donoghue and C. Burkley

70 - The a-invariant of Reed-Muller type codes over the Veronese variety
C. Renteria and H. Tapia-Recillas

71 - On the structure and Hamming distance of linear codes over Galois rings
G. Norton and A.Salagean-Mandache

73 - Spherical codes generated by weighted unions
T. Ericson and V. Zinoviev

74 - On the maximum T-wise independent systems of Boolean functions
V. Levenshtein

76 - Efficient multiplex for band-limited channels: Galois-field division multiple access
H.M. de Oliveira, R.M. Campello de Souza and A.N. Kauffman

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