WCC 99

Workshop on Coding and Cryptography

January 11-14, 1999, PARIS (France)

Preliminary program

Sunday January 10

Cocktail and Registration 18h30-20h30

Monday January 11

Registration 8h00 - 9h00
Invited talk 9h-10h On Self-Dual and Formally Self-Dual Codes
Vera Pless
Morning session 10h-12h30
(coffee break 10h25-10h50)
Code structure
Afternoon session I 14h-15h40 Block codes, spherical codes and hash functions
Coffee break
Afternoon session II 16h-17h40 Decoding of block codes

Tuesday January 12

Invited talk 9h-10h New permutation polynomials and applications to codes, sequences and Boolean functions
Hans Dobbertin
Morning session 10h-12h30
(coffee break 10h25-10h50)
Cryptography I
Afternoon session I.a (parallel) 14h-15h40 Finite fields
Afternoon session I.b (parallel) 14h-15h40 Channel coding
Coffee break
Afternoon session II 16h-17h40 Coding Theory
Banquet 20h00

Wednesday January 13

Invited talk 9h-10h Metrics generated by linear codes in cryptography
Ernst Gabidulin
Morning session I 10h-11h15 Cryptography II
Coffee break
Morning session II 11h15-12h30 Codes over Z4
Afternoon session I 14h-15h40 Codes over rings
Coffee break
Afternoon session II 16h-17h40 Lattices and designs

Thursday January 14

Invited talk 9h-10h Invited talk on cryptography
Jim Massey
Morning session 10h-12h30
(coffee break 10h25-10h50)
Convolutional codes

Monday morning -- Code structure
Construction and classification of quasicyclic codes
K. Lally, P. Fitzpatrick
On the complexity of calculating the minimum norm of a binary code
I. Honkala, A. Lobstein
Perfect binary codes components
F.I. Soloveva
Permutation groups of error-correcting codes
N. Sendrier, G. Skersys
Recognition of a binary linear code as a vector-subspace
A. Valembois

Monday afternoon I -- Block codes, spherical codes and hash functions
Bounds on the sizes of ternary weight-constrained codes
M. Svanstrom
On the quaternary [18,9,8] code
J. Olsson
Spherical codes generated by weighted unions
T. Ericson, V. Zinoviev
A new practical algorithm for the construction of a perfect hash function
M. Atici, D.R. Stinson, R. Wei

Monday afternoon II -- Decoding of block codes
Iterative multistage maximum likelihood decoding of multi-level codes
D. Stojanovic, M.P.C. Fossorier, S. Lin
Permutation soft decision decoding of some expanded Reed-Solomon codes
E. Delpeyroux, J. Lacan
Bit-level soft-decision sequential decoding for Reed Solomon codes
M. Oh, P. Sweeney
On bounding the probability of decoding error with the minimum distance
J.-P. Tillich, G. Zémor

Tuesday morning -- Cryptography I
On the relation of error correction and cryptography to an off line biometric based identification scheme
G.I. Davida, B.J. Matt, R. Peralta, Y. Frankel
Verifiable self-certified public keys
S. Kim, S. Oh, S. Park, D. Won
Authentication frauds from the point of view of rate-distortion theory
A. Sgarro
Cheating in split-knowledge RSA parameter generation
M. Joye, R. Pinch
Fair and efficient proof that two secrets are (not) equal -- How to solve the socialist millionaires' problem
F. Boudot, J. Traoré

Tuesday afternoon I.a (parallel) -- Finite fields
Finite fields, primitive normal bases with prescribed trace
D. Hachenberger
Bounds on the bilinear complexity of multiplication in any extension of $F_q$
S. Ballet
The a-invariant of some Reed-Muller type codes over the Veronese variety
C. Renteria, H. Tapia-Recillas
Multiplicative characters and design of sequences with good autocorrelation
C. Boursier

Tuesday afternoon I.b (parallel) -- Channel coding
On the capacity of distance enhancing constraints for high density magnetic recording channels
E. Soljanin, A.J. van Wijngaarden
Algebraic construction of good collision resistant signal sets
M. Greferath, E. Viterbo
Code constructions for block coded modulation systems with inter\discretionary {-block memory
C.-N. Peng, H. Chen, J.T. Coffey, R.G. C. Williams
Efficient multiplex for band-limited channels: Galois-field division multiple access
H.M. de Oliveira, R.M. Campello de Souza, A.N. Kauffman

Tuesday afternoon II -- Coding Theory
Perfect codes and balanced generalized weighing matrices
D. Jungnickel, V. Tonchev
Higher order covering radii
P. Solé
Strengthening the Gilbert-Varshamov bound
A. Barg, S. Guritman, J. Simonis
Recursive MDS-codes
E. Couselo, S. Gonzalez, V. Markov, A. Nechaev

Wednesday morning I -- Cryptography II
A construction of systematic authentication codes based on error-correcting codes
S. Xu, H. van Tilborg
Arithmetic coding and data integrity
X. Liu, P.G. Farrell, C. Boyd

Wednesday morning II -- Codes over Z4
Negacyclic and cyclic codes over Z4
J. Wolfmann
Codes of constant Lee or Euclidean weight
J.A. Wood
On the covering radius of Z4-codes and their lattices
T. Aoki, P. Gaborit, M. Harada, M. Ozeki, P. Solé

Wednesday afternoon I -- Codes over rings
Permutation groups of extended cyclic codes over Galois rings
T. Blackford
Complete weight enumerators of generalized Kerdock code and linear recursive codes over Galois ring
A. Kuzmin, A. Nechaev
On the structure and Hamming distance of linear codes over Galois rings
G. Norton, A. Salagean-Mandache
Cyclic and affine invariant codes
K.S. Abdukhalikov

Wednesday afternoon II -- Lattices and designs
Lattices, codes and Radon transforms
M. Boguslavsky
Designs, harmonic functions, and codes
C. Bachoc
Extremal polynomials of degree $\tau + 2$ and $\tau + 3$, which improve the Delsarte bound for $\tau $-designs
S. Nikova, V. Nikov
On the maximum T-wise independent systems of Boolean functions
V. Levenshtein

Thursday morning -- Convolutional codes
Decoding convolutional codes using a multiprocessor Bidirectional Creeper Algorithm
V. Imtawil, D.J. Tait
On low-density parity-check convolutional codes
K. Engdahl, K.S. Zigangirov
A Gallager-Tanner construction based on convolutional codes
S. Vialle, J. Boutros
New algorithm to identify rate k/n catastrophic punctured convolutional encoders
C. O'Donoghue, C. Burkley
Convolutional-like codes over discrete valuation rings and an application to 2-adic codes
N. Lagorce
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