iBICOOP  provides a comprehensive solution for mobile data management in multi-* networks, i.e., networks that combine: multi-platform devices,  multi-radio  connectivity, multi-device  ownership and multi-user  partnership.

iBICOOP is cross-platform i.e. it  works on PC running Windows or Linux and also on MACs for desktop machines. It also works on Symbian phones, Windows Mobile phones and PDAs, Android phones, BlackBerry and iPhone.


iBICOOP Key features are:

  • Lightweight integrated solution that overcomes the heterogeneity of today’s mobile platforms through Java-based implementation. We have in particular effectively ported iBICOOP on representative smart phones and PDAs  to experiment with true mobile content management.
  • Self-managed content sharing that does not bind content management to a fixed Internet server. Instead, any device embedding iBICOOP becomes part of the iBICOOP network and is able to share content with any partner device, as specified by end-users.
  • Multi-radio networking that effectively leverages the multiple radio interfaces embedded in today’s mobile handheld devices. In particular, both ad hoc and infrastructure-based communications are supported, thus enabling to select the most effective radio link as specific time and place.
  • Partnership management that assists end users in the management of data sharing across their devices and with users they trust.
  • Replication management in the multi-* pervasive networks so that users are provided with access to their content, anywhere, anytime using the device they carry at the specific moment.
  • Sharing service that allows users to share their data (photos, files, music…) with other users.
  • Easy exchange service with which user can send their data to others using multi-radio networks in both ad-hoc and infrastructure mode.
  • Easily configurable but robust  security in all the transactions that user requires.


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