Contributed Session: CP14

Optimization heuristics in Statistical Modelling

                                                            11h-12h40      Tuesday, August 24

                                                Chairperson :    Irene Poli    Room :  Jean-Baptiste Say

41 (slides)  
On Computationally Complex Instances of the c-optimal Experimental Design Problem: Breaking RSA-based Cryptography via c-optimal Designs   
Michal Cerny, Milan Hladik, Veronika Skocdopolova

Fourier Analysis and Swarm Intelligence for Stochastic Optimization of Discrete Functions   
Jin Rou New, Eldin Wee Chuan Lim

Sub-Quadratic Markov Tree Mixture Models for Probability Density Estimation   
Sourour Ammar, Philippe Leray, Louis Wehenkel

Evolutionary Stochastic Portfolio Optimization and Probabilistic Constraints   
Ronald Hochreiter