Contributed Session: CP15

Multivariate Data Analysis 3

                                                                    14h-16h     Tuesday, August 24

                                                                          Chairperson :   Stefan Lang    Room :  Abbé Grégoire

45 (slides)    
Application of Local Influence Diagnostics to the Buckley-James Model    
Nazrina Aziz, Dong Qian Wang

Imputation by Gaussian Copula Model with an Application to Incomplete Customer Satisfaction Data    
Meelis Kaarik, Ene Kaarik

The Evaluation of Non-centred Orthant Probabilities for Singular Multivariate Normal Distributions    
Tetsuhisa Miwa

On the use of Weighted Regression in Conjoint Analysis    
Salwa Benammou, Besma Souissi, Gilbert Saporta

A Case Study of Bank Branch Performance Using Linear Mixed Models    
Peggy Ng, Claudia Czado, Eike Christian Brechmann, Jon Kerr