Mamba Project Team

The MAMBA research team (or "project-team" according to INRIA terminology) is a joint INRIA-Pierre-et-Marie-Curie University (UPMC) team that belongs to the INRIA theme Health, Biology and Earth , subtheme: "Modelling and Control for the Living".

We are a team of researchers who come from applied mathematics, but also from computer science, statistical physics and medicine, and our application domains are related to biology and medicine.

The physiological or physical modelling of the complex and multiscale phenomena under study leads to the mathematical analysis of partial differential equations, or to the use of simulation methods from statistical physics, and to the development of effective and reliable numerical methods.

Of particular interest for the MAMBA project-team are problems of mathematical biology related to cell movements and cell population growth, in particular for healthy or cancer cells, subject to intact or disrupted physiological control, and to the possible restoration of this normal control by drugs, but we also consider, in another domain of application and with comparable methods, phenomena of growth-fragmentation of abnormal proteins (prions).

Among other directions, and in collaboration with other research teams (see Collaborations), we are developing methods to optimise cancer pharmacotherapeutics from a molecular systems biology point of view, and simultaneously, to represent tissue growth in health or pathology, i.e., under normal or disrupted control, in a multiscale setting, in particular toward modelling for regenerative medicine.

In 2012, part of the team, who historically represented the kernel "geophysical flows" (the "G") of BANG, has become under the responsibility of Jacques Sainte-Marie the new INRIA project-team ANGE. In 2014, the "B" kernel of BANG has become the MAMBA team, under the responsibility of Marie Doumic-Jauffret.

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