Thank you for your interest in the Premia software.

From this page you can get free access to Premia 16. For the latest Premia, version 19, please contact us.

Premia 16 (binary versions)

The binary version contain both a standalone console application bin/PremiaTerm and a toolbox to be loaded in Nsp. To use the toolbox for Nsp, you first need to download Nsp and then inside Nsp, run
exec path_to_premia-16/premiatb/loader.sce
The manual of how to use Premia within Nsp is available as a PDF file : nsp-premia-manual.pdf

Premia 16 (sources, data and documentation)

We remind you that you cannot use all or parts of the following software (including its sources) for commercial purposes without a written permission of the Math-Risk project. Before downloading the software, please read the license agreement and fill in the form below. The information you provide will not be transmitted to a third party.

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