The 19th COMPSTAT symposium went off in Paris, France, on August 22nd-27th 2010.
  • Electronic versions of Book and e-book are published (See Proceedings)

Welcome to COMPSTAT2012,
the 20th COMPSTAT symposium,  will take place in Limassol, Cyprus on August 27th-31st 2012.

The conference COMPSTAT'2010, sponsored by the European Regional Section of the IASC, was locally organized by the CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers) with the support of INRIA, the french National Institute for research in computer science and control.

Latest News

September 1st:

Information about e-book will be given on COMPSTAT'2010 site as soon as the publisher will give it. (See Proceedings)

Your presentation was oversized to be uploaded : please in the last case send (again if you already did it before the conference) the pdf to

August 27th:

ERS IASC offered three prizes during the closing ceremony.

All tutorials (TU1, TU2 and TU3) can be downloaded.

August 25th:
Lynne Billard and Petr Berka, Jan Rauch tutorials can be downloaded.

August 24th:
Revised Programme (Tuesday, August 23)

Tuesday, August 24, 11h00-12h40                    CP12 : Clustering & Classification 2
Chairperson :   Léon Bottou                                    Room : Abbé Grégoire (C)





Selecting Variables in Two-Group Robust Linear Discriminant Analysis   
Stefan Van Aelst , Gert Willems

Separable Two-Dimensional Linear Discriminant Analysis   
Jianhua Zhao, Philip L.H. Yu, Shulan Li

Fast and Robust Classifiers Adjusted for Skewness   
Mia Hubert, Stephan Van der Veeken

A New Approach to Robust Clustering in Rp   
Catherine Dehon, Kaveh Vakili

August 23rd:
  • Last minute cancellations (Monday, August 23)

    in CP1 : 11h-12h40   Algorithm for Robust Statistics & Robustness
    79 Diagnostic Checking of Multivariate Normality Under Contamination
    Andrea Cerioli

    in CP2 : 14h-16h  Categorical Data Analysis
    103  Boolean Factor Analysis by the Expectation-Maximization Algorithm
    Alexander A. Frolov , Pavel, Y. Polyakov , Dusan Husek

    in CP8 : 16h30-18h30   Functional Data Analysis
    99    EOFs for Gap Filling in Multivariate Air Quality data: a FDA Approach
    Mariantonietta Ruggieri, Francesca Di Salvo, Antonella Plaia, Gianna Agro

  • New version of the Programme (author information : if the presentation number is red then the slide presentation is uploaded in the room computer else see Slides Upload).

August 20th:
  • New version of the  Conference Guide is available in PDF format

August 18th:
August 17th:

August 16th:
  • Instructions to authors
  • We are sorry to announce that John Nelder died on Saturday 7th August. John Nelder was a strong supporter of Compstat, and he was very pleased to be honoured at Compstat 2010. Please, come in a large number to celebrate his memory on Wednesday, August 25 at 11H00. His obituary is available here.

August 12th: