Short Papers: SP7

Multivariate Analysis 2

                                                                        16h00-18h00  Thursday, August 26

                                                            Chairperson :    Gérard Biau         Room :  Fabry-Pérot

164 (slides)   
Interactive graphics interfacing statistical modelling and data exploration   
Adalbert Wilhelm

Contextual factors of the external effectiveness of the Italian  university:  a multilevel analysis   
Matilde Bini, Leonardo Grilli, and Carla Rampichini

Multivariate Value at Risk  Based on Extremality Notion   
Henry Laniado, Rosa E. Lillo and Juan Romo

Modifications of BIC: Asymptotic optimality properties under sparsity and applications in genome wide association studies   
Florian Frommlet, Piotr Twarog, and Malgorzata Bogdan

A New Post-processing Method to Deal with the Rotational Indeterminacy Problem in MCMC Estimation   
Kensuke Okada and Shin-Ichi Mayekawa

A constrained condition-number LS algorithm with its applications to reverse component analysis and generalized oblique Procrustes rotation   
Kohei Adachi

Matrix Visualization for MANOVA Modeling   
Yin-Jing Tien, Han-Ming Wu and Chun-Houh Chen

Orthogonal grey simultaneous component analysis to distinguish common and distinctive information in coupled data   
Martijn Schouteden, Katrijn Van Deun and Iven Van Mechelen

Clusterwise SCA-P for the analysis of structural differences in multivariate multiblock data   
Kim De Roover, Eva Ceulemans, Marieke Timmerman and Patrick Onghena

A numerical convex hull based procedure for selecting among multilevel component solutions   
Eva Ceulemans, Marieke E. Timmerman, and Henk A.L. Kiers

Treatment Interaction Trees (TINT): A tool to identify disordinal treatment-subgroup interactions   
Elise Dusseldorp and Iven Van Mechelen