Contributed Session: CP6

Biostatistics & Bio-Computing 2

                                                                16h30-18h30      Monday, August 23

                                                    Chairperson :    Jean-Baptiste Poline      Room :  Paul Painlevé

90 (slides)  
Evaluation of DNA Mixtures Accounting for Sampling Variability   
Yuk-Ka Chung, Yue-Qing Hu, De-Gang Zhu, Wing K. Fung

Variable Selection and Parameter Tuning in High-Dimensional Prediction   
Christoph Bernau, Anne-Laure Boulesteix

Learning Hierarchical Bayesian Networks for Genome-Wide Association Studies   
Raphael Mourad, Christine Sinoquet, Philippe Leray

Differentiation Tests for the Mean Shape and the Mean Variance of Renal Tumours appearing in early Childhood   
Stefan Markus Giebel, Jens-Peter Schenk , Jang Schiltz

On the Correlated Gamma Frailty Model for Bivariate Current Status Data   
Niel Hens, Andreas Wienke

Posterior Distribution over the Segmentation Space   
G. Rigaill, E. Lebarbier, S. Robin

A Bootstrap Method to Improve Brain Subcortical Network Segregation in Resting-State FMRI Data   
Caroline Malherbe, Eric Bardinet, Arnaud Messe, Vincent Perlbarg, Guillaume Marrelec, Melanie
Pelegrini-Issac, Jerome Yelnik, Stephane Lehericy, Habib Benali